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The Americans In Brittany

Spearheading D-day

Ghosts of the ETO

Finding Your Father's War

The only English language work covering the entire Brittany Campaign.  Think it was only a sideshow? Think again.

 Spearheading D-Day is considered by many to be one of the best books on D-day ever written. If you have any interest in this event you just have to take a look at it.

Considered THE best history of the American Tactical/Operational Deception units in the ETO by the unit veterans. Covers each top secret operation in detail. 

Trying to trace someone's WW2 Army service? Want to know what dad (or granddad) did in the great World War Two? This book will help you not only to find records, but to understand what those records mean.


Schipperfabrik: The very best in WW1 reproductions (Belgium, British, German, etc.) as  well the oddball 1940 stuff no one else makes (Polish, Dutch, French, etc. WPG link

Links to other Military History sites

U.S. Government Military History Orgs

CMH ...The Army Center For Military History AHEC  Army Heritage and Education Center  (Carlisle)
The Navy Historical Center The Institute of Heraldry
National Army Museum The National Marine Corps Museum


Other Stuff!

Some very good WW1 U.S. Army material at the Doughboy Center
 Les Hughes' insigne.org for insignia collectors
The LST Association Page has brought a WW2 LST home as a museum

Info on WW2 military medicine at American Military Medical Impression, Inc.

Mark Bando's 101st A/B site  
The WW2 M1 Helmet


WW2 Combat Medics Info on WW2 Dummy Paratroopers
The one, the only - HankCo 1942

Relic Stuff

Look at some Dug up relics! Dug up Buckles  The War Relics Forum
My favorite Stalingrad site a nice Guadalcanal site a wonderful 'Verdun Today' site



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